• Reviewer chat room
    Chat for reviewers

    completed on 27 January

  • Member chat room
    Chat for members

    completed on 28 January

  • AI Suspected Page
    a page for assessing logos suspected to be created using AI

    completed on 29 January

  • Return Policy Page
    a page about return policy

    completed on 31 January

  • Bulk Price Update
    a feature for updating logo prices in bulk

    completed on 27 Feb

    requested by Proffartline, pray_art
  • Badges Page
    a page for explaining each badge
    in progress
  • Search Assets
    Feature Search item in seller dashboard

    completed on 17 Feb

    requested by Proffartline
  • Improve Search System

    completed on 26 Feb

    requested by eclipse42
  • Arabic Version
    New subdomain for the Arabic language

    completed on 24 February

  • German Version
    New subdomain for the Deutsch language

    completed on 25 February


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